A Tripartite Approach



Technical (How to do it): 
Intense and focused development on the nuances of all skills in a controlled environment. We teach you the fine points and detailed movements required to execute advanced skating, shooting and stickhandling skills. We also break down the physical necessities and develop complete body control to master the skills at a high pace.

Tactical (Why to do it): 
At GPS we don’t just go through the motions. We teach you the reasons why you’re learning the technical skills and how to apply those skills directly to your game. All of our techniques are proven for success in a competitive environment, and to us, teaching you why to do a move is just as important as how to do it.

Situational (When and where to do it):
The ultimate goal is to perform the advanced skills you’ve learned against your opponents when the puck drops in-game. Now that you know how and why to utilize these skills, understanding timing, spacing and the nuances of performing the skills under pressure is the final step. 

GPS Hockey: Find your SPACE on the ice

The road to becoming a great skater is about taking your SPACE:

  • Speed - ability to generate + maintain momentum

  • Power - properly accelerate in a given direction

  • Agility - quick change of direction and transitions

  • Control - stability throughout all facets of skating

  • Efficiency - zero wasted movement and energy

What we do

At GPS Hockey, we help skaters identify and fine-tune their strengths while addressing and correcting weaknesses in order to become complete hockey players. Our method develops the entire player, offering advanced techniques in all aspects of on-ice performance. Our training is designed to give players more tools for direct in-game application both with and without the puck. We don't just train the body, but the individual as a whole. We impart you with the confidence to perform at your best and teach you the skills needed to succeed every time you take the ice.

How we do it

Within each session, detailed instruction is provided to allow players to properly execute in a non-competitive format. Once the proper execution of that technique is achieved, repetition is used to reinforce and develop skills. We then further increase the speed at which skills are performed. Once mastered we drop these skills into a game scenario and then finally into a game situation with competitive pressure from a coach or an opponent. This pressure is crucial since executing at the highest level of intensity is not just a physical demand; it's a mental challenge as well. GPS helps our players grow their confidence by developing the proper mindset to approach competition. We break your game down to build it back up into a finely tuned hockey machine.

How we're different

The GPS method approaches skating instruction from multiple disciplines: hockey, figure skating, and speed skating. Don't be confused by "hybrid skating" offerings from others - we are the only hockey training company who can boast expertise in all three skating techniques. We believe skating instruction is not just about going faster, having more control or creating more power, but about how and why certain techniques should be utilized in game scenarios. Unlike many power skating instructors, Christian clearly and completely demonstrates all of his drills while also clearly breaking down the physical components and mechanics to his players. Our goal is not only to train skaters with sound technique, but to build complete players from the blades up. As such, our instruction is about teaching you how to be the most dominant player on the ice as a result of having a complete skating foundation—not just how to perfect a drill or stride. Our unique, tripartite approach gives the player the power, knowledge and confidence to perform at the highest level in the game.