GPS in 24-hour 'Hockey Marathon 2018' Game

When I moved to Chicago in 2012, I found--by chance--a position as an assistant coach to Evanston Youth Hockey Association's JV team. Since then, my involvement with Evanston Hockey has only grown. This organization's formative influence on me a big part of the reason why GPS Hockey exists, and for that, I would like to give back to them.

If you support GPS, please consider helping me support building the new ice rink in Evanston.

Giving is receiving when you help GPS Hockey support Evanston's 'Hockey Marathon' on August 25th-26th as they raise money for the building of their brand new facility. Watch Coach Christian Grunnah as he plays in parts of the 24-hour-long game and support his effort by donating at the link below.

Support GPS supporting the greater hockey community!
 When you give in my name (Christian Grunnah) you get:

Donate $50 = free GPS performance shirt
Donate $75 = above + GPS beanie
Donate $100 = above + GPS green biscuit
Donate $200+ = above + $50 credit toward a GPS Camp, Clinic or Lesson
Donate $500+ = FREE spot in one of our clinics or camps at the new Robert Crown!

To donate, visit